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Mountain Gorilla tracking rules and regulations in Uganda

The actual time spent with a gorilla family is limited to 1 hour and gorilla habituation 4 hours.

an encounter with mountain Gorillas

Maximum of 8 visitors per group.

If a gorilla comes close to you, stand still, look away from the gorilla and follow and listen the instructions of guide

You are not allowed to track gorillas if you have a communicable disease, eg. diarrhoea, flu, etc.

You don’t have to surround the gorillas but remain in a tight group

Leave a distance of not less than 7 metres between you and the gorillas

Flash photograph is strictly prohibited as gorillas think you trying to throw an object towards them

You are not allowed to eat or smoke within 200 metres of the gorillas

While sneezing or coughing, turn away from the gorillas and cover your nose and mouth

Bury all your human faeces in a hole dug at least 30cm (1ft) deep and ensure that it is properly covered afterwards

Do not spit on vegetation or soil while in the park

No person under 15 years is allowed to track gorillas

Do not make loud noise or sudden movements in the presence of gorillas

All liter must be removed from the park for disposal

Please observe all instructions from your guide


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