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Cost of Gorilla tracking permit in Uganda

What Is a Gorilla Permit and how much does it Cost in Uganda?

A gorilla permit is a pass obtained from Uganda wildlife Authority to visit and see the mountain gorillas family.

Every traveler intending to trek gorillas must obtain a gorilla permit either from Uganda Wildlife Authority or a local Tour company.

A single gorilla tracking permit in Uganda costs 600 USD and for a Gorilla Habituation experience permit costs 1500 USD

Without a gorilla permit no vistor is allowed access to the gorillas to take photos, or videos .

How do I get to see the Gorillas after securing a gorilla permit? On the actual day of gorilla trekking, all visitors are assigned with park rangers to guide and escort them through the jungle for an encounter with a gorilla family.

However before a ranger guide walks you into the jungle ,an advance team of Gorilla trackers equipped with GPS and walktalkies hike into the jungle early before the start of the actual trekking to check out the where about of mountain gorillas. Once found, trackers call back at the headquarters to inform ranger guides on which directions and forest Zone to hike to saving time and energy. These trackers keep following the gorillas until rangers and day’s vistors find them.

What is excluded from gorilla permit costs? Tips for guides, rangers, trackers and porters are not part of the gorilla permit cost. Tipping on a gorilla safari is optional but vistors are required to tip where necessary. Giving a tip is a sign of appreciation foe th service you have been offered. The amount to tip, who to tip and when is entirely a choice of a vistor.

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